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Thank you so much for your interest in partnering with Toned After Twins! Building the Toned After Twins brand has been so much fun! And I love helping other businesses and blogs grow by sending traffic your way!


Below are the current partnering options:

Review: I am always happy to review products that you think my followers may be interested in! In order to receive a review, you will simply send me your item(s). I will personally use the item(s), photograph the item(s) and write a review. The review will link to your website/social media pages (whichever you prefer) and remain on my blog indefinitely. The review  link will also be shared on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

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Review + Facebook Giveaway: Along with a detailed review, I LOVE hosting giveaways (and my followers do, too!). In addition to the review, a giveaway will also include a custom made Facebook giveaway photo featuring your item(s). Typically, a giveaway asks my followers to LIKE (the social media page of your choice), COMMENT (often times this will be an item, color, etc, from your website), and SHARE (the giveaway to their Facebook page). These giveaways have reached anywhere from 6-40k over a period of three days. Winners are drawn at random and you are responsible for the shipping of the giveaway item to the winner. If you have other ideas for a giveaway, I am more than happy to discuss them!

*Please note, I do not giveaway any products without personally reviewing them first.

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Ad: Current ad special- 30 days of ad time for $30. If you are interested in purchasing ad space on my blog, please contact me directly at TonedAfterToned@gmail.com

Vlog: Coming soon!

Sponsorship: I am now accepting 2015 sponsorships. To discuss sponsorship contract terms, please contact me directly at TonedAfterTwins@gmail.com with “Sponsorship” in the subject line.

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