So…. you think you have diastasis recti. Or, you know you do. Now what? Many people will tell you that the only way to fix it is surgery. And while surgery could definitely work- when it comes to most things, I’m a believer that surgery should be the last […]

The Mummy Tummy: The MuTu System

  As a twin mommy and a health + fitness blogger, one question I get asked constantly is how to get rid of the “pouch”, or the “mummy tummy”. When I run fitness groups, 90% of women’s goals all revolve around their midsection. Let’s face it, after having a baby, […]

The Mummy Tummy: Testing for Diastasis Recti

One thing I get asked about constantly is if I got stretch marks with my girls, or if there’s any way to get rid of the “twin skin” so many of us are left with. Truth is, my tummy was covered in stretch marks. I probably spent a couple hundred […]

Repost: TwinSkin Test Group!

Ask any new mom, and finding the time to workout it hard! Between getting next to no sleep, and constantly feeding and holding a baby, finding the time to go to the gym is near impossible. You all know I have had a ton of success and am obsessed with […]

10 BabyWearing Exercise + Custom Workout

  Alright…. Honest post alert!! Here’s my belly as of this morning- 14 days since Emme was born. It’s definitely quite soft, which I guess is to be expected. I planned to really focus on eating clean and healthy immediately after baby came. But with all the food people have […]

Two Weeks Postpartum

  Baby is still packing on the lbs! I had an extra ultrasound this week, as my doctors thought my belly was measuring a little too small (according to fundal height). Well, while my belly might be on the smaller side… baby isn’t! She is growing right on track and […]

Preggo Report: Week 36

  35 weeks and going strong! Bought myself some new workout gear this week to help keep me motivated! Baby has been getting the hiccups every night like clockwork… which is good news! It means she is practicing her breathing! Still having some slight heartburn but not enough to complain […]

Preggo Report: Week 35