I’m a 30 year old mom of 7 year old identical twin girls, Molly and Madelynn, 3 year old Emme, and 3 month old Riley! I’m stay-at-home mom, a health and fitness junkie, a blogger, a social media fanatic, and a business owner. And it all started with an infomercial!

My fellow twin moms know- we spend a lot of nights awake- feeding babies, feeding more babies, rocking babies, feeding babies… I, too, spent many late nights awake with hungry babies and eventually watched one too many Hip Hop Abs commercials (because, let’s be honest, once 3 or 4am hits, there is just nothing else on TV)!  At first, I found all infomercials a bit cheesy and didn’t quite trust them. But watching this informercial for the 100th time, my frustration finally outweighed my skepticism. I so desperately wanted to get into better shape but I just couldn’t find the time to go to the gym with two babies at home. So, what the heck… I decided to give that Shaun T guy a shot.

Fast forward a couple of months- not only had I given Shaun T a shot, but I was in LOVE with him (in a BFF-kind-of-way) and the results his program was giving my body! I took my Hip Hop Abs program and joined a challenge group, and found even greater success. I was losing weight, toning up, and feeling better about myself. I had more energy, I had a better mindset, and once I started becoming happier with myself, I could see that I was becoming a better wife and mother, too.

While starting this journey, I decided to create a blog; a personal journal of sorts.  I named it Toned After Twins.   I thought that if I created a little place where I could write about my progress and struggles, it would somehow hold be accountable and motivate me. It was really just for me; I didn’t tell my friends or family about it. I really didn’t think anyone would ever see it. It was my secret little diary.

Or… so I thought! It wasnt long before I realized I could see how many times the blog was viewed… oops! Somehow people were seeing it. And a lot of people at that! At that moment, I realized that my honesty in sharing my fitness journey after having my  twins could potentially help other new moms reach their goals, too! I knew I couldn’t be the only new mom wanting to get back in shape and having a hard time finding the time to do it. I wanted to share my failures and successes, to save them frustration, and reach our goals together.

Today, Toned After Twins has grown into something bigger than I had ever imagined! Our goal is to serve as a community where we can communicate, motivate and celebrate our victories together. It isn’t just about losing weight- but about being healthy and happy in all aspects of life.  And this isn’t just a place for parents of twins- this is a place where all are welcome, despite your age, weight, or abilities. Together, we can reach our goals and live happy lives! I hope you’ll join us! 🙂

Yours truly,