My Excuse? Don’t Have One!

No babysitter? No gym? No space?
No problem! Riley is the cutest little thing… she gets so excited watching me and her daddy workout. But what you don’t see in this pic…

I have an overflowing bin of clean laundry to my left. Only about 3 feet of space to my right. A bed in front of me and a wall right behind me. No gym, no smart TV, no DVDs.. so I’m streaming my workout right on my laptop… with Riley sits on the bed behind it, and Emme is laying down with a book next to it. No shoes. No babysitter. No personal trainer. Just me in my room getting in 25 minutes before one of these babies start fussin. This is real life.
I always see comments on posts of fit moms saying “well if I had a personal trainer I would look like that too”, “I’d rather be spending my time with my kids, not in a gym”, or “Not possible for us moms who stay home and can’t afford a gym with childcare”…. but the truth is, you don’t need those things! You don’t need anything but the WANT for results. Stop the excuses, and start your focus.
(That is, IF you want it. Don’t want to workout? No problem. But don’t shame the determined mamas, on their laptops, barefoot in their room, cramped by laundry and children, still getting it done!) ??

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