Stop Preying On New Moms!

Can I VENT / give a word of advice for just a minute?

Okay… here goes…. and I’m well aware I’m going to lose (more than)a few likes from this, but it needs to be said!

????STOP PREYING ON NEW MOMS to sell your stuff! ????



This is me right now- 2 months after having baby #4. In the last month, I’ve received THOUSANDS of friend requests. I received nearly 100 today alone! And it’s always the same thing…. “hi! How are you?! Your baby is so cute! Have you ever heard of XYZ company? I have a product(s) that will help you lose that baby weight!” Or…. “I think you’d be the perfect product model to lose weight! You just have to buy my products and tell me how they work!”

Umm… what? ?

First off… it’s called a “customer” not a “product model” and wtf… why do you think I need to lose weight?! Is is because I just had a baby and am probably not feeling my best, and am an easy target?

Being a new mom is hard enough, whether it is your first, or in my case fourth, baby. You’re tired… reallllly tired…. emotional, hormonal… you barely have time to get dinner on the table and catch up on laundry. You’re stressed. And now a perfect stranger is messaging you on Facebook alluding to the fact that you still need to lose a few lbs?! Way to possibly make a fellow mom feel even more terrible, just to make a sale.

New moms- we’re perfect. Our body just spent 10 months creating a HUMAN BEING. You labored and delivered that human being from your body. And your body is still going through changes. Pregnancy is insane if you really think about it! The things your body is capable of doing… you’re a superhero. So don’t let anyone- especially an internet stranger- make you feel any differently. Be kind to yourself; give yourself time. My body may not be perfect yet, I may have spit up on my wrinkly shirt (I JUST put this thing on ?), and half my shorts may not fit over these hips yet…. but, I love my body. It looks just fine for having 4 babies (including twins). And you should love yours too.

And to the salespeople- I get the hustle. I’m a fan of a lot of MLMs… I use R+F on my face, I use Beachbody workouts, my house has smelled like Scentsy…. but there is a much more respectable way to make a sale than by making an already shitty-feeling new mom feel even shittier.

One thing you’ll never get from me, is a cold message asking you to buy something before I even ask how you’re doing. I encourage other “girl bosses” to do the same… when a new mom is ready to ramp up her healthy lifestyle, she’ll message YOU. Until then, leave her alone and let her enjoy her baby. ???? #sorrynotsorry


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