Review & Giveaway: JarJackets!


As we’ve been scrolling through Facebook recently, we keep noticing these cool looking cups pop up in our newsfeed. So, we had to head over to their Facebook page and check them out. They’re called JarJackets… have you seen them, too?!

Turns out, JarJackets is a female-owned start-up company.  They just launched in October with their 16oz and 24oz wide-mouth jar sleeves and they’re in the process of adding many new mason jar sleeves and tops to our product line.   They launched their business with the mission of helping to find better, more creative ways to put the time-tested mason jar to work.  Like the owners of JarJackets, we love mason jars in our house for SO MANY reasons!


  • Choosing mason jars allows your child to sip colder and more pure-tasting water. Because they are made of glass, mason jars won’t leach harmful chemicals like BPA/BPS and phthalates into their contents. Just like glass, our reusable FDA grade silicone jackets are 100% non-toxic, plastic-free, waste-free, BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free.
  • Composed all-natural, sustainable raw materials, glass mason jars are 100% recyclable and can be reused endlessly.  By eliminating the need for single-function bottles or containers that will eventually end up in landfills mason jars can also help you to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • The pinnacle of practicality, mason jars are the workhorse of the multitasking kitchen.  Made of thermal shock-resistant borosilicate glass they are dishwasher, microwave, & freezer safe.

JarJackets are the perfect addition to turn your mason jars into your kids’ favorite sippies. They are made to fit snugly, they are non-toxic (made of reusable FDA grade silicone, plastic free, waste-free, BPA/BPS free, and phthalate-free), eco-conscious (no more plastic cups!), and are so kid friendly (lightweight, shock absorbent, and so practical!). And the best part- all of it can be thrown right in the dishwasher. My girls have literally used these every day since they got them. And, I’m thinking this is going to be the way I finally get Emme off her bottle! Good bye bubba, hello JarJacket! I’ll keep you posted on that! 🙂



In the meantime, my girls were so excited to get them in the mail, they decided to “unbox” them for you all… check out their YouTube unboxing here! Ignore the bad lighting, it was almost bed time after a dreary day outside 🙂


Or… just head straight over to the giveaway now! There are multiple ways to enter, and each only takes a second! Take advantage of them all! The giveaway is LIVE now and ends on Friday!



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Happy sipping, ya’ll!


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