LAST CHANCE! EverFit Membership

If you follow me on IG, you know a few weeks ago AJ and I had a chance to check out a gentle yoga class at a place called Everfit Training Studio!

We had such a relaxing time! IIt was a small, quiet studio. Candles lit, lights were dim.. just how you’d expect a yoga class to be. There were only 6 of us in the class, making it very calm and intimate. And the instructor did a fantastic job at explaining each pose and making everyone in the room feel comfortable. It was the perfect way to start a Sunday morning! Everfit offers all kinds of different yoga classes, and some really fun and different classes like AERIEL YOGA (how much fun does that sound?!) and even cardio drumming (which seems to be all the rage around here these days!). More info on the studio will be up on the blog tonight!

But first… the owner, Beth, has been kind enough to offer one Toned After Twins follower a FREE two week membership! How awesome is that?! And the giveaway is LIVE now! To enter, simply head over to Facebook and follow the instructions on the giveaway photo.

That’s all! The winner will be chosen by random TOMORROW (4/21) and must follow Lindsay Mac Fitness: Toned After Twins to be notified. Membership is good at the Green Oak Village Place location. Good luck to all! 

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