Join me Monday!

Who wants to do my favorite workouts with me for the next two weeks {for free}?!

I’m sitting here on my couch, wrapping up my online Christmas shopping, and planning the rest of my December workout plan… and realized this would be the perfect time for a quick mini challenge!

I’m thinking of hosting a FREE 2 week group where I…

*provide a 14 day workout plan, and you can stream your workouts online anytime, from anywhere
*provide a sample meal plan that introduces a hybrid of counting macros and clean eating
*provide a private group for you to receive accountability, support, encouragement and check in with you daily
*provide mini challenges and prizes throughout

Annnd… I’m thinking of starting on MONDAY! Lol! We’ll be done before Christmas and feeling and looking great for the holidays! I know I sure could use the motivation myself this time of year… anybody else?? If you’re interested shoot me a PM, and let me know you did with a quick comment below. I’ll respond tonight with some info and get you all set up!

PS- I think I’ll going to cap this group at a SMALL number people so it can be nice and personal, so message me tonight if you want in!

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