If there’s one thing I always try to drive home to my girls, it’s that we should do what makes us happy, and not worry about what other people think. Imagine if we, as adults, always did this. If in high school and college, we pursued what we were truly interested in, and not what our friends were doing. If as adults, we went after the career that we truly enjoyed, rather than take the career path more socially accepted. We spend a lot of time conforming to society’s terms, rather than living on our own. I’ve done it, you’ve done it… and I don’t want my children to do it. I want them to participate in activities they are interested in, wear clothes they feel good in, and stand up for what they believe in… with no fear of what their friends may think.

So, when I came across LYLO, I immediately related to their philosophy.


“In a world driven by false perceptions of reality, we are becoming what we see, instead of doing what we feel. LYLO aims to break the mold of imitating what is thought to be accepted in society by saluting those that simply dare to be themselves. When you LOVE YOURSELF, you are comfortable with who you are and confident in everything that you do. When you LOVE OTHERS, it is unconditional, for all things. The good and the bad are a guaranteed in life, but how you LOVE YOURSELF and how you LOVE OTHERS is a choice. A choice that is YOURS!”

YASSS…. think about it, it’s so true, right?! And it’s true in virtually every aspect of life- in your relationship with yourself, with others, with family, in your career… everywhere.

I had the opportunity to meet with the creator of LYLO, Brandon Carnegie. He’s a young entrepreneur, with mind-blowing professionalism and vision. He’s designed LYLO to not only inspire individuals, but to also make huge impacts in communities through charity. LYLO is comprised of two cohesive platforms: Giving by LYLO and LYLO Collection. Giving by LYLO is a philanthropic platform that focuses on creating strategic partnerships with non-profit organizations in an effort to support their missions. LYLO Collection is their clothing platform that will allow their followers to outwardly express their support for the brand and serve as a constant reminder to live and think in a transformative way.

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I wanted YOU to have that constant reminder too, so Brandon has graciously given me official LYLO bands to giveaway. 🙂 But in line with LYLO’s mission, I don’t want to just give you one- I want to give you one for yourself, and I also want to give you one to pass on to someone you love. Someone who inspires you; someone who dares to be themselves.

To enter the giveaway, head over to Toned After Twins Facebook and look for the official giveaway post! And be sure to show LYLO some support as they launch:

LYLO :: Website   Facebook  Instagram  Twitter

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