Who wants to do my favorite workouts with me for the next two weeks {for free}?! I’m sitting here on my couch, wrapping up my online Christmas shopping, and planning the rest of my December workout plan… and realized this would be the perfect time for a quick mini challenge! […]

Join me Monday!

As I talk to moms across the globe, we all seem to have the same problem. We have goals, we want to lose weight, or get back in shape, and feel healthier… but we don’t have the TIME to get to the gym! I get it- I totally do. I […]

Top Item for Home Gym Wish List

I picked up a stability ball years ago on Amazon for a pretty awesome deal. You know, those big rubber balls that you’ll see in the stretching area at gyms? Or the one that is collecting dust in your closet, or that has recently become part of your kids playroom? […]

  So, the other day my mother posted an article on Facebook called Dear Girls, Life Is Too Short For Crappy Friends. (You can find that article here.) I’m assuming she posted it with my 19 year old sister in mind…. and all her other friends with daughters. It seemed geared toward […]

Dear New Moms, Life Is Too Short For Crappy Friends

If there’s one thing I always try to drive home to my girls, it’s that we should do what makes us happy, and not worry about what other people think. Imagine if we, as adults, always did this. If in high school and college, we pursued what we were truly […]


  I realized I had a problem when I was in high school. Think back to your high school job. If it was like mine, you’d often get last minute phone calls asking to pick up shifts when someone called in. I’d answer the phone, my manager would be on the other […]

The One Thing That Saved My Mental Health

This recipe has been a HUGE hit in the IIFYM world recently, due to it’s super low carb count and super high protein count! Plus, it’s delicious and extremely easy to make! Crackslaw-Ingredients:1 lb ground beef1lb ground turkey1 package of broccoli slaw1 package of cole slaw4-6 tbsp soy sauce (I […]

CrackSlaw Recipe

Remember when we did our twin/multiples mom tank top contest?? Well, we had so much fun doing it, we’re doing it again! Fit Project Apparel has offered to make us ANOTHER tank… So, let the contest begin! We’re doing this the same as last time… Comment below your ideas for a saying/quote/graphic […]

Fit MoM Apparel Contest!

For anyone with health and fitness goals, it’s no secret that nutrition plays a huge part in reaching them. And while we all can typically pick what appears to be the healthier choice on a menu, sometimes we have questions that we don’t know the answer to. And sometimes those menu […]

My AmWell Experience + FREE Nutritionist Promo Code!

Chances are, you’ve heard of a kettle bell. But if you haven’t used one before, it may be hard to decide which weight/size is best for you. With our recent giveaway, I’ve been asked this question a lot! So, here’s a quick guide for choosing the right weight for you! […]

How To Choose The Best Kettlebell Weight for You